"In life there are a handful of people who are instrumental in the path we take, consider yourself one of them in guiding our son to his next schooling chapter. We are very proud of him.


"Thank you for helping me so much with my 11+ work. And how hard you have worked to get me to this level. Also you make lessons like a trip to the theme park compared to some teachers, so thank you very much. I will miss you!


"Over the last twelve months with you we have seen our son flourish not only academically but emotionally. His self-belief and confidence have soared under your wing and we truly believe this has been a fundamental element to his 11+ success. This confidence has enabled him to explore and try new tasks without hesitation…for us parents this has been a pleasure to see. Passing his 11+ gave him a real sense of achievement…This new found attitude has had a real impact on his school work, achieving far more than he has before.


"Dear Sir, You gave me the best tutor teacher ever, keep it up, without you I don’t think I could have passed my 10+ exam, but I did and it’s all because of you. I think my new school is going to be worth all the hard work and I am really excited. I love my new school uniform! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

ANIL SEN (Student)

"My son got a tutor through myhometutor for about a year in preparation for his 11+ exam. During that time I saw him mature as a young person whilst developing a range of skills to allow him to become more confident in all aspects of his learning. The sessions he attended not only supported this development but provided a friendly, caring, and enjoyable environment in which to prepare him for the rigours of the formal examinations. But, most importantly, it is our son who is the first to extol the benefits/rewards of such individualised educational provision.